Kitchen Remodeling in Richmond

A kitchen renovation is the second biggest remodeling project you can embark upon. The end results however, are well worth it. With over 80% return on investment should you choose to sell your home, and the potential to lower your monthly energy bills, there’s a lot going on under the pretty face of a reno. Because of all that goes into a custom kitchen, our Prince Renovations team prides itself on their kitchen remodeling services.

Over the years, our team, experience, and portfolio of Richmond remodeling projects has grown. When you partner with our contractors you’ll be getting their years of experience and wealth of ideas.

Preparing for Remodeling

Once you’ve decided to move forward with your kitchen makeover, give us a call and we’ll work through what will be involved, a timeline, and potential costs.

Your project may be small—installing new appliances and doing some painting. A “face value” renovation. Or, it could be a complete overhaul that goes into the bones of your kitchen in the form of complex storage systems that you’ll only see if you poke around a bit.

No matter how big or small the job is, there are some basic ways you can mentally prepare yourself to survive a kitchen repair.

Set up a temporary kitchen space

Even if your kitchen is not being ripped apart, there will be workers in it for a decent amount of time during the remodeling. Set up a space somewhere else in your home that you can rely on to use any time for meal prep

Keep it simple

Don’t plan any complicated meals when your kitchen isn’t available. Use a barbecue if you have it, and prepare to do some eating out.

Stock up on disposables

If your sink is out of commission, you’ll be running to the bathroom or garden hose to do the dishes! Get a couple boxes of disposables to make it easier on yourself.

Remember the end game

When you’re frustrated, remember where you’re headed. This is only temporary, and when it’s finished, your kitchen will be even more useable than it was before.


Custom kitchens can rack up expenses pretty quickly if you’re not careful. In 2017 the typical range of a full kitchen renovation is $12,592 to $33,066 with the national average sitting at $21,669.

Smaller projects can hover around $4,000 if planned properly, but the largest ones can push 50k.

Before you go picking out all your dream appliances, figure out how much you want to spend, and stick with it. Research costs such as cabinetry, labor, appliances, windows and fixtures to break down your expenses and then set aside an extra 20% for surprise costs.

If you keep your renovation priorities in mind you’ll get the parts that matter most to you even if you decide to hold off awhile on other aspects.

Don’t underestimate planning in a remodeling project. It can make the difference between a nightmare and a great investment!

Remodel With Ease

Many Richmond customers have relied on Prince Renovations to handle their kitchen repair with ease and you can too. Kitchen remodeling is an excellent investment that you can enjoy every day of your life. Call us today to set up a meeting and cost estimate.