Basement Remodeling in Richmond

Situated underneath your home, close to the earth in the dark is the most inspiring future room of your home. That’s right, it’s your basement. Believe it or not, that dank space you use to store holiday decorations has endless potential and, when finished, can provide guaranteed return on investment. Above all else, it’s a cost-effective remodeling project.

At Prince Renovations we have been contributing a lot to the Richmond basement finishing trend. Next time you toss something into your storage space, take a second look and consider finishing your basement. Even small basement renovation ideas are a-plenty. Just give us a call and ask!

Finished Basements: An Asset

The square footage of a basement is rarely included in the full square footage count of your home. For a space that is considered an afterthought, the team at Prince Renovations sure has seen some incredible basement evolutions.

When you finish your basement, it becomes a major asset.

Energy Efficient

Second only to attic insulation, when you’re planning to finish an old basement, make sure to budget for updated insulation. With proper insulation and air sealing, your home will become more energy efficient! This will save on expenses in the future.

Home Value

Adding an extra room or two to your home is inevitably going to boost your home’s value. For $10 to $35 per square foot, you’ll get a 75 cents on the dollar return on investment.

Addition Alternative

Sometimes bylaws will not allow for you to build an addition on your home. If this is the case and you have a basement, don’t worry—renovate your basement instead!

Income Property

If your adult child or ageing parent needs a space to stay, or if you’re transitioning out of your home and need to earn a little extra money, turn your basement into an income-generating apartment!

Richmond has a lot of beautiful homes, with homeowners who are not using their basements to their full potential. You may say that a basement used purely for storage is useful as well. What if you could continue using it for storage in addition having a new space to exercise, entertain or let your children play in? We promise to fit in just as much storage as you require, if not more. There are no downsides to finishing a basement!

We’re Eager to Build Your Bonus Room!

No one really needs a cold concrete room full of boxes. What they do need is a beautiful, functional, finished living space. For infinite added value on your already fantastic Richmond property, give us a call to plan out your basement improvement.

Finishing a small basement, or even a large one, is a project we’re well-versed in and can complete to the highest of standards in a timeline that is comfortable for you.

We’re dedicated to our craft and love seeing dusty old basements transform into a vital part of your home. Call us today to speak with a team member. Even if you’re just looking to have some questions answered, we would love to be of service.